The Employee Retention Credit – Work with your CPA/Financial Advisor

Small businesses and tax-exempt organizations should avoid dealing with individuals promising big money returns with the Federal Employee Retention Credit. According to IRS regulations, the only way to claim the Employee Retention Credit is on a FEDERAL TAX RETURN.

These individuals or firms may deceive you about your eligibility. They might charge a big fee to “help” you claim the credit. They generally charge large fees and, in the end, potentially, leave you with big tax issues because if you claim the credit when you don’t qualify for it, you have to pay it back. And, they’ve got their fee.

Misinformation is all over radio, TV, social media and the internet. You may even receive emails or phone calls about it. These individuals lure you with promises of fast money and an “easy application process.”

If you want to claim the credit, make sure you qualify. To find details about eligibility and how to claim the credit the right way, be sure to call us.

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